About Ronald Neeld

Ronald Neeld has a diverse background in psychology, linguistics, and computer science. He received a BA cum laude in psychology from the University of New Orleans; an MA in linguistics from the University of Illinois; and a PhD in linguistics from The Ohio State University, where he also served on the faculty. His papers on linguistics have been published in academic journals such as Language and Glossa.

Dr. Neeld held a fellowship in computer science at Tulane University and was a faculty member in computer science at the University of New Orleans. He maintains an interest in psychology, and is an active member of the C.G. Jung Society of New Orleans. He has worked in the field of Information Technology in the corporate sector as a software developer and systems analyst, specializing in database management systems, and also has worked as a technical writer with such companies as Lockheed, BCP Engineering, and CapitalOne Bank.

Dr. Neeld also is the developer of the ManuTrax editorial management software, which is in use at a variety of academic journals. His personal interests include science, literature, and music, and he sings and plays guitar, with a special interest in roots-oriented music such as folk, blues, and R&B.

Résumé of Qualifications


- Extensive experience in systems analysis, design, programming, and documentation with a strong focus on user analysis/support.
- Languages: Visual Basic, VBA, Crystal Reports, C
- Data Bases: Microsoft Access, SQL Server 7, Ingres, Oracle
- Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, VAX/VMS, Unix


04/99–present; Systems Analyst/Programmer; Contractor; New Orleans, LA
Recent long-term projects included the positions listed below.

10/08–present; Course Instructor; University of Phoenix; New Orleans, LA
Serve as faculty member for an online course in Java Programming. Participate in discussions with students in online forum; serve as mentor and coach to students; assign grades to student assignments, programs, and class participation; and provide weekly feedback to students.

1/08–4/08; Technical Writer; CapitalOne Bank; New Orleans, LA
Wrote documentation for banking procedures for following departments: Return Items, Exceptions, Wire Transfers. Met with users to observe and discuss procedures and wrote documentation. The Exceptions system involved conversion to a new software system. Environments: Microsoft Word and Visio.

3/07–12/07; Technical Writer; BCP Engineering; Gretna, LA
Worked in the department that prepares reports to be delivered to customers documenting tax credits for Research and Engineering projects. Customers are power companies. Experience in Microsoft Office Automation using Visual Basic for Word and Excel. Also performed technical editing of engineering reports using Track Changes functionality of Word. Samples are available upon request.

6/04–3/06; Systems Analyst/Programmer-Independent Contractor; CompuVend; Metairie, LA
Developed software for vending machine company software using VB 6, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports. Extensive use of stored procedures.

1/03–3/04; Systems Analyst; Synergy Solutions; Metairie, LA
Wrote software and documentation for Medical Billing system. Environments; Medisoft, Advantage database, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access.

6/02–12/02; Systems Analyst/Programmer-Independent Contractor; USDA National Finance Center, New Orleans, LA
Converted database applications from Paradox to Access 2000 for National Finance Center of USDA.

5/01–5/02; Systems Analyst/Programmer-Independent Contractor; Datasolve, Inc., New Orleans, LA
Point of sale system in VB6 using COM and ActiveX objects with SQL Server 7 database.

5/00–3/01; Systems Analyst/Programmer-Independent Contractor; Kroll, Inc., Gretna, LA
Laboratory Information System for medical testing lab using Windows 2000, SQL Server, VB 6 with COM, and UML for a client/server system.

5/98–4/99; Systems Developer/Programmer; Century Graphics; Metairie, LA
Developed Windows software for a printing company using Visual Basic 5 and Microsoft Access 97. Worked on conversion of scheduling system. Designed database and wrote VB program for new estimating system, to be deployed on Windows NT server with remote users. Wrote system using Access 97 to monitor paper usage.

1/95–4/98; Systems Analyst/Programmer; Independent Contractor
Developed Windows software for a variety of customers using Access, Visual Basic, and Paradox. A list of customers is available on request. From Jan. 1996 to Dec. 1996 worked as consultant at the Audubon Institute studying system requirements and providing user support and programming.

6/92–10/97; Systems Analyst/Programmer; Offshore Navigation, Inc.; Harahan, LA
October 1994 Developed and enhanced software for the Navigation Production System, a database/mapping system in support of post-mission processing for offshore oil exploration. A shipboard navigation computer provided input data. System functions included generation of maps, client data tapes, archive tapes, and reports. Wrote programs in FORTRAN for VAX/VMS and C for UNIX workstations.

8/88–10/91; Programmer/Analyst; Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company; NASA Stennis Space Center, MS
Wrote programs in FORTRAN for remote sensing system receiving data from orbital satellites. Worked extensively on a component producing Sea Surface Temperatures for the Naval Oceanography Office. Wrote programs to create schedules used by an acquisition system to receive live satellite data. Wrote documentation for User's/Operator's Manual and Program Maintenance manual. Wrote formal test procedures for system acceptance tests.

7/84–10/87; Senior Computer System Designer; Martin Marietta Data Systems; New Orleans, LA and Denver, CO
Worked in New Orleans on the Reserve Training Support System. This is a database management system maintaining information on all personnel in the Naval Reserves. Wrote Subsystem Design Specifications for the Data Exchange Network, a teleprocessing system using DecNet/E for Micro-VAX computers. Code was written by other programmers using my design. Participated in conversion of software from PDP-11 to VAX equipment. From June to October 1987 worked in Denver on a system designed to monitor and schedule maintenance on aircraft engines for the U.S. Navy.

9/82–8/83; Programmer/Analyst; Gulf Educational Systems; Metairie, LA
Developed software for educational systems using COBOL on IBM PC computers with MS-DOS. Applications performed grade reporting, class scheduling, and accounting for high schools.

1/80–8/82; Programmer/Analyst; Syscon Corporation; New Orleans, LA
Designed and wrote programs for the Navy Reserve Training Support System. Interfaced extensively with users to determine enhancements and modifications to the system. Trained users and wrote programs in BASIC-Plus-2 for PDP-11 computers.


Ph.D. in Linguistics; Ohio State University; Columbus, OH
M.A. in Linguistics; University of Illinois; Urbana, IL
B.A. cum laude in Psychology; University of New Orleans; New Orleans, LA


Technical Support Award, Martin Marietta
Graduate School Fellowship in Computer Science, Tulane University
Tuition Waiver Scholarship, University of Illinois
Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Award, University of New Orleans


UNO - Windows NT 4.0 Systems Architecture & Network Support
Stennis Space Center - On-site courses in UNIX and C programming
Tulane University - Software Engineering, Programming Language Structures, Artificial Intelligence
UNO - Data Structures, Assembly Language Programming, COBOL


Ronald Neeld, PhD
7711 1/2 Green Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-4112
504-861-3152 h
504-905-0732 c


Working Papers in Linguistics No. 14 - Studies in Phonology and Methodology

Working Papers in Linguistics No. 16 - Mostly Syntax and Semantics

Working Papers in Linguistics No. 18

On Some Non-Evidence for the Cycle in Syntax